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Welcome to Hoffman Employment Lawyers

Welcome to Hoffman Employment Lawyers

About Us


No Consultation Fees

We work on contingency. You pay nothing unless we win your case. Our compensation is a portion of your settlement.

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Employers Have Sophisticated Lawyers. You Should, Too.

Critical reasons you should allow us to represent you:

  • Talking to one of our lawyers is 100% confidential–it’s also free of charge.
  • Our 25 years of experience in this specific area of the law is unrivaled.
  • If your case results in a financial settlement, we receive a portion. Your upfront costs are zero, and we’re compensated only if we win.
  • Our reputation for success is widespread.
  • We work only on behalf of employees, never for employers.


Employers Routinely Break Laws – For a Host Of Reasons

In addition to federal laws, regulations vary from state to state. These laws have been designed to protect you. So why do employers break them? They know that many average people are unaware of their own legal rights and may not have access to strong representation. We are familiar with the variety of techniques that companies may use to try and justify unfair dismissal, harassment, discrimination or for not paying you for your labor and overtime.

Don’t be afraid. Be heard.

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